Humanistic Psychology - Review Guide #1

Humanistic Psychology - Review Guide #1 - Psych 2000...

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Psych. 2000 -- Humanistic Psychology Exam 1 Guide General Overview Humanistic Psychology as non-reductive (know what this means, as well as related terms: Atomism, determinism, reductionism) . Occam’s Razor (know what this is, as well as its relation to the natural sciences, also humanistic psychology’s position on it (and why)), humanistic psychology as w/holistic (know what this means, also its relation to context), fundamental mystery -- know its relation to determinism and freedom, secular humanism (know what it is and its relation to humanistic psychology), humanistic psychology’s position on natural science psychology (know what it does with its specific findings, and what it understands them in terms of). Natural Science Psychology As empirical (know what this means), its basic datum (as in class), underlying dualism of objectivity and subjectivity (know what all this means) a la DesCartes , subjectivity as generally epiphenomenal (know what this means), causal account (know what it is
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Humanistic Psychology - Review Guide #1 - Psych 2000...

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