Humanistic Psychology - Review Guide #2

Humanistic Psychology - Review Guide #2 - Psych. 2000 -...

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Psych. 2000 -- Humanistic Psychology Exam 2 Guide Carl Rogers -- Initial overview Client-Centered (a.k.a. Person-Centered) Therapy (know generally what this is), Unconditional Positive Regard (know what this is and why it’s important), emphasis on becoming & process over curing & treating (know this distinction), know what process is, emphasis on the relationship over technique (know why), emphasis on hearing C deeply and letting him/her know it. On Becoming a Person -- Chapter 1 Know the reasons why Rogers’ biography is integral to his theories, also relation to holism, From first 6 “significant learnings” Importance of honest & transparency in therapy -- how its opposite may work in the short run but not in the long run, importance of listening acceptantly to oneself -- also the paradox we noted with respect to aspirations and growth (as well as Rogers’ position on that paradox), importance of permitting oneself to understand the client (as well as its riskiness -- connection to possibility of change for both parties), emphasis on communication of one’s private perceptual world (and hence the importance of an atmosphere of safety), emphasis on acceptance of the client (as well as the place of the intrinsic rewards of doing so), the importance of not rushing in to “fix” the client (this is an important one) -- how the desire to “fix” implies a judgment of the client’s world, “fixing” as being for the therapist’s benefit,
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Humanistic Psychology - Review Guide #2 - Psych. 2000 -...

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