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Marenda 1 Diagram of the soul and its parts : The dotted line represents the coordination between the intellectual virtue of practical wisdom, along with the lesser virtues associated with practical wisdom, and the moral virtues as a whole. In this way, the dotted line designates how the moral virtues, which deal with character, are directed by practical wisdom. Soul Reason (divided in Book VI.1 And treated more closely in Book VI.12) Non-Reason Calculative / Deliberative (dealing with the practical) Contemplative (dealing with the theoretical) Vegetative
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Unformatted text preview: Appetite / Desire (reason-led) Moral Virtues (discussed in Books III-V) Intellect / Intuition ( nous ) (of first principles) Scientific ( epistemē ) (of first principles) Skills ( technai ) (what is produced) Practical Wisdom ( phronesis ) (what is done) Book VI.8 Discussed as prudence goodness of deliberation ( eubolia ) Book VI.9 judgment / understanding ( sunesis ) Book VI.10 Discernment ( sungnōmē ) Book VI.11 Philosophic Wisdom ( Sophia ) Book VI.2 outlines the relationship between this part of reason and non-reas, viz, action....
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