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pe exam - 1. Of the following, which is not the basic...

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1. Of the following, which is not the basic principle for a fitness program overload? Strain 2. Which of the following is not a health related component of physical fitness? Speed Anything that has all of the above is all of the above 3. Not part of a healthy lifestyle Striving to be a perfectionist at all cost 4. responsible for your own health you 5. not rule about principles of progression no pain no gain 6. not a consideration for continuous training popularity 7. Good guideline for safety and assistance training Do not hold breath 8. Not core muscle group Neck 9. important stretching guideline to increase flexibility must overload but not to the point of pain 10. Pilates efficiency of movement 11. minerals preventing anemia iron 12. rest, ice, compression, elevation 13. wise recommend for preventing injury listen to body 14. temp related illness lead to death heat stroke 15. good weight loss strategy occasional plateaus and setbacks 16. exercise in cold weather thin layers easy to remove 17. not associated with obesity race JUST THE BEGINNING PART OF THE SENTENCES 18. Being physically active early in life has no impact – FALSE 19. before beginning program, wise to tailor TRUE 20. fitness impacts social emotion spiritual stability- TRUE 21. Calcium- strong bones, teeth, nerves, and muscles TRUE 22. Lack of flexibility impairs coordination- TRUE 23. Think of losing weight, diet refers to regular habits- TRUE 24. Chewing tobacco has no side effects FALSE 25. High density lipo protein is desired because TRUE
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26. Examine daily schedule to see if time TRUE 27. Heart rate and aerobic capacity are comparable TRUE 28. As muscle strength increases, endurance decreases FALSE 29. Flexibility, defined as range of motion TRUE 30. Men are also sesiptable to eating disorders TRUE
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pe exam - 1. Of the following, which is not the basic...

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