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Naomi Florin 9/24/07 Music Theory- Notes- 8/30 Perfect consonants- 1,4,5,8 Imperfect consonants- 3,6 Dissonances – 2,7, harmonics and diminishes Soft rules- step skips, jumping minor 6ths, filled in diminished 5ths Hard rules- jumping to a 7 th , jumping to a major 6 th , Skip skips, augmented 4 ths , diminished 5ths, more than an octave range Cantus firmus- a melody which more than one contrapuntal parts are added Contrapuntal parts: 1 st species- one note to one CF note 2 nd species- two notes to one CF note 3 rd species- four notes to on CF note 4 th species- suspension (both consonant and dissonant) In first species, what melodic rules are allowed not? In first species, no similar motion into perfect 5 ths or 8ths are allowed. Illegal intervals include: 3rds, 6ths, 2nds, 7ths, and 4ths. No accidents are allowed. Acceptable leaps are: 3 rd (not overused), perfect 4ths, perfect 5ths, minor 6ths, and octaves. 2nd species Rules
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_theorynotes_EDPT - Naomi Florin 9/24/07 Music Theory-...

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