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Chapter 10 & 11 Essays - Ashley Whittaker Business...

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Ashley Whittaker Business Info Systems 1:00-2:15 1a. What is system development? Why is this development difficult and risky? System development is the process of creating and maintaining information systems. This development is difficult and risky because many projects are never finished. The ones that are finished, however, are 200-300% over the original budget. There are a few other things that also makes this development difficult. One of the first things that is difficult to determine are the requirements of the system. The system is supposed to both ask and answer all kinds of questions, but first, these questions must all be thought of and answered before the system can be put into place. Another thing to consider are the changes in the requirements. When a company is basing a system off of a certain target, the target often moves in technology and other things. The requirements will constantly be changing, therefore giving the company the option to either keep the requirements the same the entire time and having poor results, or to constantly update the system, which will take a lot of time and effort. Another few aspects to consider are scheduling and budgeting. It is hard to determine the actual budget for the system development, and many people in the company might disagree on how long it will actually take to get the job done. Changing technology is also a hindrance. Nowadays, technology changes rapidly, so the company would need to keep in mind that they would have to keep their system updated to even be able to run correctly. The last thing to consider are the employees. As development teams grow larger and things get done more efficiently, actual employees might need to be cut down when there isn’t as much work provided to do. 1b. How do businesses use the systems development life cycle (SDLC) process? How do they use the rapid application development (RAD) process? How do these two development methodologies compare? (use pros and cons of both)
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Chapter 10 & 11 Essays - Ashley Whittaker Business...

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