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RFID Tags - Ashley Whittaker Due RFID Tags 1 What is an...

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Ashley Whittaker Due: 4/3/08 RFID Tags 1. What is an RFID tag, and how does it work? An RFID tag is a Radio Frequency Identification card. It is a small chip that has an antenna contained in it. An RFID tag is used in place of a bar code, in the same way of a bar code. It helps to identify an object, and is often used in a store of some sort, to take inventory easier. In order to read an RFID tag, a reader needs to be within range. However, it is a lot easier than using a bar code, since the scanner doesn’t have to be aligned correctly. 2. What are the pros and cons of using this technology in businesses? An RFID tag is better than a bar code. When using a bar code, the scanner must be aligned correctly with each separate bar code in order to scan it into the system. This is why items are scanned one by one in the store. However, with an RFID tag, the products just have to be within close proximity to the scanner, sometimes up to 20 feet away for high frequency RFID tags, for the scanner to scan all the items. For example, when
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