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Creative: English

Creative: English - Kosta Leontarakis Professor Darlington...

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Kosta Leontarakis Professor Darlington English 3/9/07 Creative Paper Philadelphia. I remember when it was beautiful and peaceful. Now I’m afraid it is a place of crime and corruption. It was a quaint place before; now a desolate area with boarded up buildings and poverty all over the streets. I went to St. Joseph’s University just 20 years ago. I remember it as a happy and vibrant city full of culture and life. Today is the 20 th anniversary of the shooting of my roommate, Brian Brennan. We swore revenge on the scum who shot him on that late fall night in 2006. My closest buddies and I made a pact after graduation that we would join the Philadelphia Law Enforcement and find the two men who carried out the horrific attack on Brian. I made my way up to Sergeant and made it my first priority to re-open the unsolved mystery of Brian’s shooting. We were about to embark on a journey we’d never forget. I gave my orders – make rounds about the streets of Philadelphia and gather as much information as possible. I had a vision to restore this city back to greatness. It was surely going to be a long and arduous task. I assigned three of my best agents in the field to carry out this investigation with me: Erich Altherr (an old high school friend who graduated St. Joes with me in ’09), Chris Childress (one of my roommates during my sophomore year), and Brian himself. The squad split up, determined to crack this case. Brian and Chris made one team and Erich and I formed the other. We reviewed the old evidence and called all of the old witnesses back in for questioning.
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Upon the completion of interviewing key witnesses, we receive a few leads about the possible shooter. We are told that the #1 drug and gun dealer in Philadelphia has been hiding out in the old boarded up warehouse just off of City Avenue. His name is Marcus “Boom-Boom” Washington. Could this be Brian’s shooter? We have a hunch that his whole operation is based out of this warehouse and we plan to raid the building. First, I plan to stakeout the building and send an officer undercover to search the inside of
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Creative: English - Kosta Leontarakis Professor Darlington...

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