Mid-Summer's Night Dream

Mid-Summer's Night Dream - Kosta Leontarakis English...

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Kosta Leontarakis English Professor Darlington 2/22/07 Paper #1 Angels in America and A Midsummer Night’s Dream were certainly classics of their respective times. It is amazing that we can draw similarities with these texts even though they were written in two very different eras. Shakespeare was known for writing controversial plays for his time and we can certainly say that Kushner stepped over the boundaries of our time with Angels in America (AA). In A Midsummer’s Night Dream (MSND), we see a push and pull of two environments: the forest (nature), and the real world. Certain things happen in each environment that can occur in one but not the other. The way people act, and treat each other differ in each environment. The characters also use one environment to escape the other. We also see this in Angels in America. The real world is certainly harsh, but when Joe goes to Central Park, it is an escape for the ruggedness of reality. We can also see a minor similarity between the characters of Bottom and Mr. Lies and their incorporation with other characters. Although these plays are more different than similar, we can draw significant similarities between them. Controversy seems to reign supreme in both plays. In Shakespeare’s era, although common, one girl running off with the man she truly loves instead of who she is supposed to actually marry was seen as controversial. Times were very different back then and marriages for the most part were arranged. It was obviously common for the
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girl to be in love with a man she is forbidden to see or love. We see this in MSND with Hermia, Lysander, and Demetrius. Helena is arranged to marry Demetrius although she
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Mid-Summer's Night Dream - Kosta Leontarakis English...

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