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Kosta Leontarakis Western Civilization I Professor Petrie 11/22/06 Paper #6, Question 3 Upon completing the readings of Brophy, we are introduced to three writers by the names Erasmus, More, and Marguerite. All of them appraised the picture of Christianity which emerged from Renaissance humanism. Throughout their writings, there is evidence of the authors both critiquing and endorsing the picture of Christianity. Each writer differed in their position of whether they in fact critiqued or endorsed this picture. One author made a strong argument towards the pros of the Gospel, while another told stories that had lessons similar to those of the bible. I seemed to notice more of the ways in which the authors endorsed the overall picture rather than critiquing it. My favorite account by far was from the Ten Colloquies by Erasmus. Erasmus is considered one of the greatest scholars of his day which is measured in terms of his writings and their influence on society (Brophy 559). It is said his chief intellectual commitment was the renewal of Christian piety through the study of Christian literature, The Bible, and church fathers above all (Brophy 559). In this account, Erasmus uses dialogue form to get his message across. He does this I believe to make it easier to make his overall argument of the Christian way. Throughout this dialogue, Erasmus slips in little Gospel messages such as never judge a man, the art of forgiveness, or “turn the other cheek,” repent, and treat those how you would like to be treated. I
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think that these are all very positive messages and Erasmus is certainly endorsing all of them. I enjoyed the clever analogy when Cannius asked Polyphemus how he felt when he takes a long drink. Polyphemus replied simply with, “heavenly.” His body glows; his face turns rosy; and his expression grows merry. Cannius tells Polyphemus that the
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Erasmus/Brophy - Kosta Leontarakis Western Civilization I...

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