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Gribanox Final Exam

Gribanox Final Exam - (1 What centers of industrialization...

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(1) What centers of industrialization you know before 1848? Britain, France, Belgium & Netherlands. (2) Electricity = First current of electricity was generated by Mike Faraday in England in 1831. Discovery of electricity led to breakthrough in communications, which was that Alex Bell made the phone in 1876. Electricity was useful cuz Cood b easily converted into light and heat energy. ----- Coal = In 1709 in England, coal was used to make the first piece of iron. Iron was a key metal cuz it was used to make railroads and machines. ---- Steam = In 1775 in England, James Watt made steam important by making machines for engines that run on steam power.--------- Petroleum = In 1878 in Germany, If Nikolaus Otto had not found a unique way of processing petroleum with its distilled derivatives, the internal combustion engine uses to power cars, wood not have been around. (3) before 1870? Germany, Italy and the Russian Empire. (4) industrialization u know b4 1914 outside Europe? , Japan, US and Canada (5) What Centers of revolution u know b4 1910? Balkans Area, Russia, China and Mexico (6)???? (7) When WW1 start? July 28 th 1914 when Austria declared war on Serbia. (8) triggered the start of World War One? Assasination of the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip. This took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia on the 28 th of June 1914. (9) What countries started the hostilities in World War One? Austria, Russia, Germany and Serbia (10) What countries intervened in the war later in 1914 and 1915? 1914 = France, UK & Japan on the Allied forces, but the Ottoman Empire Joined the Central forces 1915 = Italy on the Allied, but Bulgaria on Central (11) When did World War One end? It ended on the 11 th of November 1918 when Germany and allied delegates signed an armistice on terms established by the Allies.
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