test II - Test II 1. When the WWI started (Exact date)?...

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Test II 1. When the WWI started (Exact date)? July 28 th 1914 when Austria declared war on Serbia. 2. What event triggered the beginning of the WWI (when, where, what exactly happened)? Assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip. This took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia on the 28 th of June 1914. A member, a movement dedicated to a Bosnia free of Hapsburg rule. He and his six fellow assassins were equipped with pistols and bombs by a Serbian terrorist organization. 3. What countries started the hostilities in the WWI? Austria, Russia and Germany 4. What countries intervened into the war later in 1914 and 1915? 1914 = France, UK & Japan on the Allied forces, but the Ottoman Empire Joined the Central forces 1915 = Italy on the Allied, but Bulgaria on Central 5. When was the WWI terminated? It ended on the 11 th of November 1918 when Germany and allied delegates signed an armistice on terms established by the Allies. 6. What events influenced seriously the course of the WWI in 1917? Entry of the US into the war on April 6 1917; The UK adopting the convoy system in May of 1917; The Bolshevik revolution of November 1917, which led to Russia dropping out of the war. 7. What country was the first to withdraw from the conflict? Russia. They officially dropped out on the 3 rd of March 1918 when they signed the treaty of Brest – Litovsk with the central forces. 8. What advances in military technology achieved in the course if the WWI? Aviation, Tanks, Machine guns, artillery, chemical weapons like poison gas, submarines, explosives & the radio 9. What new countries evolved after the WWI?
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test II - Test II 1. When the WWI started (Exact date)?...

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