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Unformatted text preview: Metropolitan Government Jennifer Young 4th A Metropolitan or Consolidated Government is formed when the city government and the county governments are combined. City Government County Government Metropolitan (Consolidated) Government City Government Have home rule 19,000 cities in US 75% of people in US live in cities Exist for the people Municipal government Legislative branch = City Council Executive branch = Mayor Judicial branch = Courts Small cities do not have a judicial branch County Government Sub-division of state Can not receive city services Carry out mandate of the state Exist for the state 3,042 organized counties in US Services authorized by General Assembly Executive branch = Mayor Legislative branch = County Commission Judicial branch = Courts Metro Nashville Timeline 1915: Consolidated Government 1st suggested 1953: TN Constitution changed to allow Metro government June 17, 1958: Metro government 1st voted on (failed) March 1961: new metro charter begun June 28, 1962: Metro charter passed November 1962: Judge Beverly Briley elected 1st Metro Mayor April 1, 1963: Colsolidated Government implemented 1st true Metro Government in US Beverly Briley Ben West Metropolitan Government is divided into 2 separate service districts: 1st district is the General Service District which is the whole county 2nd is the Urban Service District which consist of the city prior to consolidation (requires municipal services) General Service District Urban Service District 3 Branches of Consolidated Government in 1996 Charter Executive: Mayor *Department Heads Legislative: Legislative Council *Urban Council~3 members *21 Members Judicial: General Sessions Court *Juvenile Court Important Points of 1996 Charter Passed in City Failed in County 2 law enforcement division *Dept. Law Enforcement (USD) *Sheriff Department (GSD) Some offices would be maintained and unaffected City Court would exist until Dec. 31, 2000 Transition Committee New Consolidated government officials in office September 1, 1998 Advantages of a Consolidated Government Less Government Less need for frequent tax increases Ability to extend municipal services outside of city Elimination of duplicate services Nashville boasted a 15% savings in the 1st 5 years of Consolidated Government Clarksville's current Consolidation Timeline September 2004: Vote to create a committee to study consolidation September 2004: consolidation committee formed December 2004: deadline for consolidation committee to make recommendation (if recommended commission formed to write charter) September 2005: Charter commission finish writing charter Clarksville Consolidation 2004 September 2, 2004 City Council voted 10-2 to form study committee September 13, 2004 County Commission voted 14-5 to form study committee Study Committee consist of: 4 County Commissioners, 2 members of the City Council 1 member of the Regional Planning Commission, 1 business person, 1 farmer, 1 lawyer, 1 hourly wage employee Study Committee meets for the 1st time on September 23, 2004 ...
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