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230 Paper Grading Criteria

230 Paper Grading Criteria - If the term paper does not...

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GRADING GUIDELINES FOR TERM PAPER Points will be awarded for satisfying each of the following areas. AREA Max Points Topic and Introduction: An appropriate topic and its relevance is presented. In other words, you begin to capture your reader’s interest. 10 Body of the Paper: The points of the paper are arranged logically, and scientific information is used appropriately as supporting evidence. 40 Discussion: Should provide a brief overview of what the reader should have learned from this paper, including how your main points support your topic, why it is relevant and its social implications. 10 Quality of Writing: Use of correct grammar and spelling. Clear, concise, convincing writing. 10 Total Possible Points 70
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Unformatted text preview: If the term paper does not satisfy the listed criteria, points will be deducted from the total. CRITERIA Points Deducted Due date is April 5-3 for each day late Length: Should be 7 to 10-1 for each page out of this range References: At least 4 good references Non-Web references (i.e. from a scientific journal) 2004 or more recent reference-5 for each reference less than 4-5 if all are web references-10 or see us for pre-approval Neatness: Neat, clean, easy to read font (12 point), no coffee spills, or doggie teeth marks, etc. up to -10 for poor presentation Please see the syllabus ands your email for more information on writing the term paper....
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