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chemistry notes test 1

chemistry notes test 1 - Chapter 15 A B=C D Goes to...

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Chapter 15 A + B = C + D Goes to completion (completely reacts) Stoichiometry - predict how much the product or reactant is needed or will be produced Mass moles moles unknown (Molarity or Liter) mass unknown Molarity x liters = moles PV= nRt PV = moles (n) RT Solids: mass/molar mass = moles Solutions : Molarity x liter = moles Gas: PV/RT = moles Equilibrium: reactions do not go to completion some reactants will remain reverse reaction occurring which occurs @ same speed as forward reaction A + B <-> C + D The concentrations of reactants and products remain constant (no longer changing) Dynamic- both reactions are constantly going on At equilibrium it will stay at equilibrium until acted upon by another force Equilibrium amounts are defined by temperature different amounts (still) equilibrium at different temperatures Jan 19, 2006 Equilibrium is a state when… a) Concentration of products and reactants are constant (not changing) b) Forward and reverse reactions are occurring at the same time (dynamic) c) Rate of the forward reaction = the rate of the reverse action d) Reactions still react accordingly to balanced chemical reactions e) Not initial conditions, but after some time elapsed and concentration level off f) Ratios of concentration of products to concentration of reactants is constant (non changing) g) At different temperatures the concentrations will be different Equilibrium constant expression: Kc= [products ]^stoch. Coeff [reactants]^stoch. Coeff 1 N2O4(g) <-> 2 NO2(g) stochiometric coeff. Kc= cannot have M of solids or pure liquids Kp= only gas (p means pressure) Kp= (Pproducts )^stoch. Coeff (Preactants)^stoch. Coeff [ ] stands for the concentration at equilibrium Homogenous - reaction where all products and reactants are the same phase
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Equilibrium constant expression
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