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class 1 - *encode decode recode Example active audience...

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Studying Exams -lots of info but simple -study keywords, write them down -understand, don’t just memorize -lectures go beyond book (fill in from book) -red header= new material -green header=from book. Ten Basic Principles Permeate most of what we study in masscomm 1. You as a knowledge worker *assumption of employers a) you are expert b) you don’t need instruction c) you will “add value” * career shifting 2. Importance of media literacy * literacy- ability to comprehend and use messages that are expressed in written or printed symbols, such as symbols. *every culture/period defines literacy differently. Changing definition( latin and greek to English) ex visual literacy *(almost) all of us will make our living and navigate life better by being media literate. *Getting support for group actions through communication 3. Communication as interaction * package delivery model of communication is too limited: sender (message) receiver feedback * alternative: sender, mode, medium, and the receiver create meaning of message (ex: fan communities)
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Unformatted text preview: *encode, decode, recode Example: active audience “new” old star trek-fans create new media content from old conceptions-fanfic-fancast-fanprod 4. (prehistoric) visual bias and…- 90% of data through eyes- stereoscopic vision (eyes infront of face, straight in front)-saccadic eye movements-narrow focus-superior command and control center: large brain-what our mind sees defines what we believe; what we believe filters what we see ….(modern) visual overload * our modern visual environment is-dominated my bass media products-dense and cluttered-hyper kinetic: speeded up, more action 5. Saturation of sex and violence *sexualized (almost all media) including some aimed at children *violence (action) as wallpaper and solution-ex: tv news violence up 800%, real violence down-ex: sex- limits of “entertainment” sex pushed up in quantity, down in age groups *porn is biggest mass media content industry…but we cant talk about it...
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