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Ken Sereno Comm. 302 TERM PROJECT ASSIGNMENTS All Written Assignments: 1. All written assignments are to be typed/printed on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper, double spaced, with one-inch margins. This will allow space for corrections, comments, and suggestions. Only typed assignments will be accepted. 2. Follow APA guidelines to the letter. (More points are typically lost for errors in APA than for any other type of error.) 3. Spelling, neatness, punctuation, and grammar are important and will be considered in grading. Poorly proofed work (e.g., poor grammar, misspelled words, studies cited but not referenced, incomplete references, improper APA form) demonstrate weak scholarship skills and reflect poorly on your credibility. 4. Have a Cover Page for each assignment . Approximately in the center of the page include: Communication 302 Persuasion Ken Sereno Name of Assignment Names of Team Members Date assignment is turned in Names of team members are typically presented in alphabetical order. If a team member has not done his/her assignment and has no valid excuse, his/her name may be omitted from the assignment. I will give this student no grade for the assignment. If a team member has turned in poor work, an asterisk should be placed after his/her name. I will give this student a grade one grade lower than the other team members. These decisions must be made with the consensus of three team members. 6. Place a running head on the top right of each page. Start with the first page after the cover page. 7. Number each page starting with the page after the cover page. Place page numbers to the right of the running head. 8. Use a paper clip to fasten each assignment. Do not staple or fold the corners.
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2 “Group Roles and Rules” Assignment 1. To facilitate interaction and avoid problems that often happen with group projects, the group must have the following two roles: Project Coordinator . This person should coordinate all of the activities that are required to do the study. This person is not a “boss.” This person does not have the power to make independent decisions. This person coordinates the work of the team. The Project Coordinator must act as Editor for each assignment, checking to see that each aspect is done properly and correcting all parts that are incorrect or inadequate. (I suggest that at least two team members edit every assignment before it is turned in.) The specific duties of the Project Coordinator must be completely described on the assignment!!! The Project Coordinator should meet briefly with the TA every Tuesday and report on how the group is doing. Liaison . This person should facilitate communication among group members (e.g., making sure everyone has everyone’s phone numbers and e-mail addresses, is contacted for meetings, is aware of deadlines, etcetera). This person is not the “boss” of the group. This person should keep a log of the date of every meeting, who attended, who was absent and whether the person had a valid excuse, what the purpose of the
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Term Project Assignments - Ken Sereno Comm 302 TERM PROJECT...

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