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ANTH Test 1 - Anthropology-the study of human beings-Greet...

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Anthropology -the study of human beings -Greet = Anthropos (human) + logos (science) Colonial Beginnings -countries sent in other people to countries that they wanted to take over & they wrote back how the people lived, which would help the government take over. “Handmaiden” of Colonialism - servant of colonialism 1920’s Anthropologist EX: Marco Polos & Herodotus. Some stories were exaggerated when Describing new places. Cannibalism -Beth Conkun (Wari Amazon). -The tribe only at flesh as part of funerary, which made the stories before of constantly eating people, not true. -She wrote, “Consuming Grief” Lewis Henry Morgan -lawyer in NY, but helped contribute to the field Sir Edward B. Tyler James Frazer -All 3 known as “arm chair” anthropologists, which means that they did the study without actually going places, but took the word of travelers. Iroquois - why are people different sizes, color, speak different? Humanities- Poli Sci, Econ, Soci, Psyc Time Depth -started studying before people were even human beings to humans now. Proto Humans . Holistic -looks at the whole. Everything that people will do. William Rathje - studies garbage with grad students. Culture- 164 definitions/ use Edward B. Tyler’s- culture is that complex whole, which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, customs, & any other capabilities acquired by man as a member of society. -World civilization has been removed because it has to deal with more culture, it doesn’t really mean culture, it implies that some people may or may not have culture.
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Subfields 1.Culture/Sociocultural Anthropology- studies people how/why people do things 2.Biological/Physical Anthropology-forensics, study of race, related to body 3.Archaeology-study of human material remains 5.Applied Anthropology- theoretical principles to solving life. Cultural Anthropology - (1) That branch of Anthropology that deals with the study of specific contemporary Cultures patterns , of human culture derived through cultural comparisons. Contemporary Cultures -ethnography (defines cultural Anthropology). Greek: Ethnos (race, people) + graphic (to write down) -Ethnography is a process (research) – consequence or end result (book) Ethnology - general underlying patterns or when you compare cultures (1, 2, 3 cultures). Compare to see what is similar and different in cultures. Religion & Marriage
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ANTH Test 1 - Anthropology-the study of human beings-Greet...

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