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Anthropology 1

Anthropology 1 - Cultural Anthropology that deals with the...

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Cultural Anthropology - that deals with the study of specific contemporary cultures and the more general underlying patterns of human culture derived through cultural comparisons Ethnography -1.) The study of specific contemporary cultures = ethnos (Greek)-race, people, culture 2.) Both the consequence and the end result also a process Ethnology -the end result of comparing different cultures, we do this to see what is similar and what is different in these cultures- (found that all cultures around the world have some form of marriage and religion- cultural universals ) Murdock Cultures differ in types of marriage and religion as well Three Basic Guidelines (Pillars) that Cultural Anthropology Exists Upon : 1.) Holistic -looking at every aspect possible of human beings (whole) not very specific or detailed 2.) Ethnocentrism - the think of your own culture as superior, and judging others as inferior-the belief that ones own culture is superior to all others(avoided like the plague for cultural anthropologist-very difficult In Class-Movie- The Gods Must be Crazy Narrarator is being ethnocentric Civilized(anthropologists believe that this is not real there is no such thing as having no culture) Uncivilized- the Bushman vs. 600 miles to the city 3.) Cultural Relativism- says you should not be judging another culture look at all aspects of the culture and so it has its own culture and not mixed with your own (Ex. Franz Boas:Nazi Germany Ethics and Methods Chapter 2 Kinsey-In Class Movie
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