Abnormal Unit 4

Abnormal Unit 4 - Is sex a myth NO Develop tolerance...

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Is sex a myth? NO: Develop tolerance Withdrawal (anxiety, depression) Spend much of their lives around sex Can be calming in times of stress (addictive personality linked) YES: Normal/Abnormal sexual behavior is very culturally based Need to make a distinction between what someone is and what they do People have different scripts to run by (procreational, relational, and recreational) ANY behavior can become compulsive When to use “addiction” When behavior causes distress. When guilt accompanies acts. Any behavior can become addicting so we must look at the impact the actions have on others and themselves. Must look beyond social norms of sexual acceptance because they are always changing. What “feels” right for the patient. “Addiction” seems like an escape goat and something to blame for impulses which may or may not be abnormal. It is easier to call it an addiction because that give’s them something to blame. Sexual Disorders and Gender Identity Disorders Two general categories of sexual disorders: o Sexual Dysfunctions: problems with sexual responses o Paraphilias: sexual urges and fantasies in response to inappropriate situations Gender Identity disorder: people feel that they are the wrong sex Sexual Dysfunctions: Human sexual response o Desire (urge to have sex, attraction) Hypoactive sexual desire disorder : Persistent fantasies and desire Sexual aversion disorder: Persistent aversion to sexual contact o Excitement o Orgasm o Resolution Dysfunctions affect one or more of the first three phases Can occur in all sexual situations or just particular situations Disorders of Excitement Changes in physical arousal Female sexual disorder (“frigidity”) Male erectile disorder (“impotence”)
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Abnormal Unit 4 - Is sex a myth NO Develop tolerance...

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