Abnormal Unit 5

Abnormal Unit 5 - Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence...

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Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD): Pattern of negativistic, hostile, defiant behavior Ignore adult requests and rules More common in boys than girls before puberty but equal afterwards Conduct Disorder (more severe form of ODD): Aggressive, physically cruel and violent Violate the basic rights of others More common in boys Deal with anger? No problem getting angry deal with it just fine Event leading to treatment? Mom wanted to get help Used to being in charge Really like animals Glad for divorce…abusive father, mother had affair Never been arrested. Ran away, skipped school Dad very strict, abusive, mom a push over Don’t hit siblings Mom doesn’t like being in charge Tried drinking a few times, smoked a few cigs but no other substance abuse Few friends Ran away: sick of taking care of siblings Low grades Neurobiological effects of child abuse: 1. Limbic irritability: Hippocampus, amygdale, hypothalamus (fear, aggression, food, sex drives) 2. Deficient development of the left hemisphere More right hemisphere coherence than left Temporal lobe and hippocampus most affected Lower verbal scores 3. Deficient left-right hemisphere integration May be underdeveloped corpus callosum Neglect worse for boys
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Abnormal Unit 5 - Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence...

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