3rd Exam - 3rd Exam Western Expansion and the Breakup of...

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3 rd Exam – Western Expansion and the Breakup of the Union Manifest Destiny – U.S. an obligation or duty to extend or expand its system further west. This is what God wants us to do. Religious – strong belief in American Christianity, land to Americans because they are special, right to take over more land. We are a special place, divine mission in the world. God wants us to bring more into his holy kingdom. Political – U.S. has the best policy in the world, right to extend that system, bring others into this great tradition. Moving further west we are expanding democracy. Idea of capitalism, respect for private property, organized academic activity in the free market. Right and duty to bring it to new lands. Economic - Social - Racial – right to make and teach these people to uplift these people like us. Self-Interest – major politicians wanted it, make sense economically, control over both coast. Ideas of expansion Texas Revolution – 1821 Mexico overthrows Spanish empire and becomes independent country. American immigration – most of the Americans coming in were protestant, Mexican government were catholic. Indians were used as slave labor. Practicing protestant religion moving into Texas. 30 k 10 times more Americans than Mexicans. 1834- Government was overthrown by Santa Anna, teach Americans a lesson. Cultural Conflict The revolution begins The Texas Republic – Texas Constitution - no one can interfere with slavery, always going to have slavery here. Bring troops back over, march 6 th . 1836 overrun a little fort The Alamo Sam Houston – retreating east, gets them ready for a counter offensive in March. San Jahenso River. Houston Leaves troops, remember the Alamo is what quote says. Captures Santa Anna force him to recognize Texas independence. Texas become independent country by Santa Anna. Hoped Americans would join the union 1836, cause problems for democratic company. Puts off Texas and doesn’t allow them to come in. Andrew Jackson says no – successor wasn’t as charismatic. The Trek West – The overland Trail –
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Women on the Overland Trail 1836 – Americans outnumber the British early 1840s thousands Americans come over this overland trail. Most women resisted going, their sphere of protecting their family evaporated. Indians and the Trail Experience – whites scared off game, threatened food supply,
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3rd Exam - 3rd Exam Western Expansion and the Breakup of...

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