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BIO 202 HW 5 - BIOL 202 HOMEWORK#5 Student's Name_KEY...

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BIOL 202 Student’s Name________ KEY_________________ HOMEWORK #5 Section number and TA’s name:_________________ DUE: Feb 28/29 in your discussion section. IMPORTANT: Please type (not hand-write) your answers onto the question sheet itself (this sheet). Please highlight or otherwise indicate the parts that you have typed with underlining or bold ing. 1. You isolated DNA from a newly discovered plant and determined that 32% of all of the bases are adenine. What are the percentages of thymine, cytosine and guanine? A=32%, T=32%, C=18%, G=18% (1 point) 2. If the haploid human genome contains 2 x 10 9 base pairs, what is the total length of DNA found in a single hair cell? n=2x10 9 bp, 2n = 4x10 9 =bp in a single hair cell or 1.36m (1 point) 3. The table below describes the nucleotide content of a number of different viruses. Indicate what you can conclude about the genome of each virus. Virus %A %G %T %C %U A 29 21 0 25 25 B 18 28 35 19 0 C 17 33 17 33 0 D 31 19 0 19 31 Virus A: RNA, single strand Virus B: DNA, single strand Virus C: DNA, double strand Virus D: RNA, double strand (2 points)
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