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BIO 202 HW 8 - BIOL 202 HOMEWORK#8 Student's Name Section...

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BIOL 202 Student’s Name_________________________ HOMEWORK #8 Section number and TA’s name:_________________ DUE: April 3/4 in your discussion section. IMPORTANT: Please type (not hand-write) your answers onto the question sheet itself (this sheet). Please highlight or otherwise indicate the parts that you have typed with underlining or bold ing. 1. This question concerns three E. coli genes. Genes a and b each encode polypeptides of 300 amino acids, while gene c encodes a polypeptide of 3,000 amino acids. In trying to isolate mutations for each of these genes, I treated cells with a chemical to introduce point mutations into the DNA; using this method any nucleotide in the genome has an equal probability of being mutated. I then screened for mutations in each gene. I found that one in every 10,000 cells carried a mutation in gene a . Thus the mutation frequency for gene a is 1 in 10,000. a. Given this information, what would you estimate to be the mutation frequency for gene b ? When compared to gene a, gene b consists of the same number of nucleotides as described above. Because of this, gene b would likely experience nearly the same frequency of mutation as that of gene a (i.e. 1in 10,000). b. What is the probability that a single bacterial cell would carry mutations in both gene a and gene b ? Probability = (1/10,000)(1/10,000)= .00000001 c. What would be the likely mutation frequency for gene c ? When compared to the other two genes, gene c is greater in size by a factor of 10 (i.e. product is 3,000aa compared to 300aa for genes
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BIO 202 HW 8 - BIOL 202 HOMEWORK#8 Student's Name Section...

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