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BIO 202 HW 10 - BIOL 202 HOMEWORK #10 Student's Name_KEY_...

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Student’s Name_________________ KEY________ HOMEWORK #10 Section number and TA’s name:_________________ DUE: April 17/18 in your discussion section. IMPORTANT: Please type (not hand-write) your answers onto the question sheet itself (this sheet). Please highlight or otherwise indicate the parts that you have typed with underlining or bold ing. When I wrote about “clever alternative answers”, I mean that in part i, they do not have to give a specific txn factor binding to the GC or TATA box 1. The diagram below shows the DNA sequence of a gene which is expressed only in the skin of the Jackalope, a diploid eukaryote. Shown is DNA sequence from close to the transcriptional start site, as well as some upstream sequence. The first nucleotide transcribed is an A, and the corresponding A on the coding strand is underlined. Two other sequences in this region are underlined. Below the sequence is shown the structure of several pieces of DNA that I tested for their ability to initiate transcription. Construct a is the wild-type sequence and b through f either contain small deletions ( b-d ) or point mutations ( e, f ). At the right are indicated the relative levels of transcription for each construct, in arbitrary Units. i. For each mutant construct, indicate: what sequence element might be affected; what protein is thought to bind to that element; and why the expression level is changed to the extent shown. (2.5 points) GENERAL NOTES FOR THE ANSWERS BELOW: Consider that this is a promoter region and not an enhancer element (note the GC and TATA boxes). The enhancer is on the next page. So instead talk about those sequences within the promoter. We should accept that RNA polymerase and the TFs are responsible for binding these sites. Changing the G to a T increases the affinity for the TATA box. Changing an A to a G decreases the affinity for the TATA box.
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BIO 202 HW 10 - BIOL 202 HOMEWORK #10 Student's Name_KEY_...

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