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BIO 202 HW 4 - BIOL 202 HOMEWORK #4 Student's Name_KEY_...

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BIOL 202 Student’s Name_________________________ KEY__ HOMEWORK #4 Section number and TA’s name:_________________ DUE: Feb 21/22 in your discussion section. IMPORTANT: Please type (not hand-write) your answers onto the question sheet itself (this sheet). Please highlight or otherwise indicate the parts that you have typed with underlining or bold ing. Additional working is required for all of these problems. Include all work done on a supplemental page . Put only the answers on this page. 1. Two genes in chromosome 7 of corn are identified by the allele g ( glossy ) determining glossy leaves, which is recessive to G ( dull ). The r allele ( ramosa ), determining branching of ears is recessive to the dominant R (normal allele). When a plant heterozygous for each of these alleles was crossed with a homozygous recessive plant, the progeny consisted of the following phenotypes with the numbers of each indicated. dull, normal 81 dull, ramosa 118 glossy, normal 122 glossy, ramosa 79 a. Use a chi-square analysis to determine if the genes are unlinked or linked. Be sure to include your Null Hypothesis, your number of degrees of freedom, and your confidence level in accepting or rejecting the null hypothesis. (1 point) H o (null hypothesis) = There is no significant difference between the observed frequencies of individuals in the four phenotypic classes (2 parental and 2 recombinant) and the expected frequencies of individuals (due to chance). df=3 X 2 = 16.1 .001 < P < .01 Results of the chi square analysis result in rejection of the null hypothesis. In effect, there is a significant difference between the frequencies of individuals in the phenotypic classes observed. It may be inferred that the two genes are linked. b. If the genes are linked, what is the map distance between them? (0.5 points) RF= (81 + 79)/400 x 100 = 40 % or 40 m.u. Since the recombinant frequency is less than 50%, the two genes are probably linked.
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c. In what arrangement (cis or trans) is the heterozygous parent? (0.5 points)
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BIO 202 HW 4 - BIOL 202 HOMEWORK #4 Student's Name_KEY_...

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