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Essay #3: A Midsummer Night’s Dream ” Performance Concept Peer Review Day Tuesday, April 29 th DUE THURSDAY MAY 1 ST Length: 600-1200 words In the coming class periods, we will be reading and discussing Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream . We will consider a number of facets regarding the play, including its use of blank verse, the reasons for its continual popularity, its place in the Shakespeare canon of works, and, most importantly, its qualities as a performance work. This is play. While it’s certainly a literary work, and you can take a lot from it simply by reading it, Shakespeare wrote this as something to be performed live, in front of an audience. This performance aspect will mark the focus of your final out-of-class essay. For this paper, I am asking you to consider how you would stage A Midsummer Night’s Dream if you were to direct the show. You could choose an outlandish production, setting it in the year 3000 on the moon, or you could go for something more
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