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practice-8-key - (15 pts I-A Br From To(Ph = phenyl Br NaNH...

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Practice Exam 8 (10/22/07) - 15 minutes I. In the following questions, complete the multistep syntheses, beginning from the given starting materials to synthesize the target compounds. You must show the synthetic sequences by including the products and conditions. Do not show the mechanisms.
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Unformatted text preview: (15 pts) I-A. Br From To (Ph = phenyl) Br NaNH 2 or KO t Bu heat Br 2 Br Br 1. NaNH 2 2. Ph Br Ph H 2 , Ni 2 B or Pd/CaCO 3 quinolone Ph (15 pts) I-B. From To O O PCl 5 Cl Cl Cl Cl 1. NaNH 2 2. Br Na/NH 3 Ph O O...
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