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Practice Exam 5 (10/03/07) - 15 minutes (10 pts) I-A. Draw the mirror image of A and determine if it is optically active (circle one). I. Answer the following questions regarding trimethylcyclohexane A (I-A and I-B). (15 pts) I-B. Draw the two possible chair conformations with appropriate groups in equatorial or axial positions. Predict the most stable conformer and explain briefly your reasoning.
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Unformatted text preview: A mirror image enantiomer or meso More stable The more stable one has two eqatorial methyls and one axial where as the less stable one has two axial and one equatorial methyls. The less stable one has more severe 1,3-diaxial interactions than the stable conformer. (15 pts) II. Show the stereochemistry of each stereocenter by labeling R or S next to it. HO Br H Cl H...
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