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Lasha' Brown Psyc. 2314 Midterm Paper Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. Lionel was a research chemist, which kept him from home almost every night. He was worried because Joyce became pregnant with Jeffrey only two months into their marriage, Lionel was not sure they were ready for a baby just yet. The pregnancy was extremely hard on Joyce. She suffered from severe morning sickness, which lasted long into her pregnancy. Lionel noted that the sickness was so severe that she could hardly keep down any food at all. She was nauseous constantly. Two months before Jeffrey’s birth, they moved from Milwaukee to West Allis, Wisconsin. Lionel had thought that maybe moving to a new city would calm Joyce’s nerves and make her illness disappear. The move did nothing to help the sickness; in fact, a new symptom had developed. Joyce’s body would turn completely rigid, her eyes would bug out, she would froth at the mouth, her jaw would jerk and her knees would lock. The doctors never fully figured out what it was, they just guessed it was some form of seizure. It was “as if her body was being sickened by what was germinating, an early biological "rejection" by mother” (Scott 7). None of the doctors could pinpoint what this illness was or what could have caused it, but it is most likely that this illness caused some complications with Jeffrey before he was born. “Doctors prescribed morphine and Phenobarbital, among other medications. At one point Joyce was taking twenty-six pills a day, immersing her fetus in a soup of powerful depressants” (Baers). "His father is a successful research chemist who now blames his son’s aberrant behavior on the effects of medication Jeffrey’s mother took during pregnancy” (Powell). There is no proof that morphine has any significant affect on a fetus. However, phenobarbital has been proven to have affects on a fetus. One of the known complications to the fetus when the mother takes
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phenobarbital is: altered concentrations of sex steroids. "The changes represented permanent alterations in sexual maturation” (Phenobarbital), meaning it either delays or speeds up puberty. Jeffrey Dahmer was adored in spite of the difficulties of Joyce's pregnancy. "He was a normal, healthy child whose birth was the occasion of great joy. As a tot, he was a happy, bubbly youngster who loved stuffed bunnies and wooden blocks. He also had a dog, named Frisky, his much-loved childhood pet" (Bardsley 14). He often had severe ear infections, but that never stopped him from being a joyous child. By the age of four, the family had moved once again, this time to Iowa; Lionel was now working on his Ph.D. at Iowa State University. Jeffrey witnessed his father sweeping small animal bones out from under the house one day, and was fascinated by the sound they made when his father dropped them into a metal pail. Lionel said that Jeffrey picked them up and dropped them into the pail multiple times, just to hear the clanking sound. At
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Jeffrey Dahmer - Lasha' Brown Psyc. 2314 Midterm Paper...

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