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Personal Hi! I’m Jennifer Fifield. I graduated in June 2007 from the International School of Beijing [ISB] in Beijing, China, and attended La Cañada High School in Los Angeles, California, for both junior high and the first two years of high school. Living overseas for the past two years has definitely broadened my perspective of the world, and I have gained experiences that I would not have been able to gain had I stayed in my small bubble in a small town in Los Angeles. In addition to sightseeing in Beijing, I’ve traveled all over China and seen the most industrial places to the most desolate places to rich cities such as Shanghai, and from these travels I have learned a lot about the Chinese culture and language. Basketball is and always has been my favorite sport. I’ve been playing since the 6th grade, and every year after that, and I love it! I play point and shooting guard, and last year I was ISB’s top shooter for the Varsity girls’ team.
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Unformatted text preview: In my free time, I like to spend time with my family, hang out with my friends, go exploring, travel the world, and play sports and games. I also love art and ceramics! Music is something I can’t live without, I play the piano, clarinet, and bass clarinet. But besides various instrumental music, I love pretty much any kind of music. But since I moved to China, there was no Marching Band there, and I really miss it! My experience at UW thus far is so much fun. I currently live in Stevens Court Building L, and I'm a lot luckier than most other freshmen who are living in the actual residence halls - I have a bathroom that I share with three other girls, and a full-sized kitchen! I love my classes and my professors, and I’ve learned so much in the one month that I’ve been here so far. I've made so many friends, attended several events, and am enjoying myself. I made a great choice choosing UW over the UC System in California, and I don't regret it!...
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