Study Guide IV - Biology 100 I. Lab and Case Studies. Yes,...

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Biology 100 Study Guide IV I. Lab and Case Studies. Yes, we will cover both on exams. II. KNOW your student ID number! II. VOCABULARY Polygenic, contributing allele, branch diagram Pedigree, Twin study, concordance, selection study Addiction III. Polygenic inheritance A. For our purposes, any polygenic trait will work by alleles that show incomplete dominance (contributing or not) for genes that all make equal contributions. B. When do you apply the multiplication rule for probability? When do you add instead? And can you multiply and add fractions!?! You will not be allowed a calculator but will not be asked to add or multiply anything bigger than 8. C. With regard to novelty seeking (you did this problem in lab) what PHENOTYPES would you expect, and in what PROPORTION if you mated an individual who was genotypically AaBBcc to an individual who likes NO novelty (phenotypically a zero - or homebody).
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