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MentIll230 - Substance abuse Alcohol Nicotine Stimulants...

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1 Substance abuse • Alcohol • Nicotine • Stimulants – Cocaine – Amphetamine PCP, others • Marijuana • Narcotics Morphine, heroin, others • Hallucinogens LSD, MPTP, others Substance abuse • Alcohol About 21 million people 8 million abusers Ninth cause of mortality Chronic liver disease, cirrhosis $119 billion/yr Fetal alcohol syndrome – About 1 in 500 babies – Cost ??? Substance abuse • Addiction – Definitions Cultural, genetic – Evolution Place dependence – Tolerance – Withdrawal – Craving – Therapy Detox; maintaining abstinence counseling; vaccination – Drugs methadone, ibogaine, RO15-4513 (GABA agonist) Substance abuse • Ethics Making addicts sick? (disulfuram, others) – Incarceration? release to the same environment? – Vaccination? Involuntary in older addicts? before the child can choose? – Legal aspects Cost of law enforcement
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2 Hallucinogenic drugs Many types – Examples:
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