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Biology 100 Study Guide, Week II I. VOCABULARY - Practice USING these words, applying them correctly to course material. Don't waste your time memorizing definitions. While there will be matching on the exam, we will not use glossary definitions to match to these terms, but rather ask you if you understand their importance. Synergism, Antagonism, Incompatibility, Additivity Neuron, neuroglia (neuroglial cell), cell body, axon, dendrite, axon bulb Electrical activity, resting potential, action potential Na+ (sodium), K+ (potassium), Cl- (chloride) Membrane, channel, pump, ion, diffusion Na/K pump, Na channels, K channels II. Drug combinations A. Drug combinations can act negatively (less effect) or positively (more effect) compared to individual drugs. Know the terms applied to both types of interactions (two terms each). B. Be able to interpret a drug-combination graph. If you see more effect when taken together, be able to say if the interaction is additivity or synergism. C. If given HOW the drugs affect a symptom (eg. one makes you more wakeful, the other more sleepy), be able to predict if that interaction would be positive or negative. D. Know that when one chooses a pill, one takes the good with the bad. Recognize that choosing another pill to counteract the bad of the first pill is a recipe for a mess. E. With regard to lab 2, know how to make and interpret a bar graph. Know that enzymes are found in all living cells, and that they speed up chemical reactions. Know that our livers
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Study Guide II - Biology 100 Study Guide Week II I...

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