Study Guide I - Biology 100 Study Guide Week 1 Study guides...

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Biology 100 Study Guide, Week 1 Study guides will be published weekly (near the end of the week). They will be available on line at the Biology 100 Web site: USE THESE GUIDES WISELY! They will really help you perform to your best potential on exams. Don't put off working through the questions and vocabulary until right before the test!! CLUE instructors on Thursday evenings will be available to help you go over any questions that arise in looking at the study guides. I. VOCABULARY - Practice USING these words, applying them correctly to course material. Don't waste your time memorizing definitions. While there will be matching on the exam, we will not use glossary definitions to match to these terms, but rather ask you if you understand their importance. Drug, Psychoactive / psychoactive Molecule, Protein Receptor, Agonist, Antagonist, Recycling Transporter, Enzyme, metabolite Delivery (parenteral vs. oral), Metabolism, Elimination, Cytochrome P450, Half-life Effective dose, lethal dose, therapeutic index Addiction Placebo (we did not go over this term in lecture but add it to your list to know) II. Course basics A. Do you know how you will be assessed? What assignments will be graded and is there opportunity for extra credit? B.
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Study Guide I - Biology 100 Study Guide Week 1 Study guides...

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