Case Studies #2 -- Drug Safety

Case Studies #2 -- Drug Safety - Biology 100 Case Studies...

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Biology 100 Case Studies (07/08) Case Study 3 – Drug Safety? How are the drugs we are “allowed” to use determined to be safe? And among the drugs that are more restricted – are they necessarily unsafe? An overview of Liska – chapter 3 is a great place to start this case study. Using the information on pages 84-86 will help you understand what our government, in 1970 (and amended from time to time since then) thinks about drugs and their safety. Being “Schedule I” means the drug is of no medicinal value, has high potential for abuse. In contrast, “Schedule V” drugs are considered relatively safe and of higher merit for medicine. Over the counter medications, and age-restricted drugs like tobacco and alcohol are “unscheduled”. (Note some mistakes are apparent in Liska – for instance, aspirin is not a schedule III drug). By the end of case study 3, we’ll ask your group to compare an unscheduled drug (such as acetaminophen or alcohol) with a scheduled drug (such as psilocybin – or magic mushrooms). From research learned about these drugs, we’ll ask you to generate a magazine (12 – ½ pages max). Your magazine will be of the type found at counseling or health-care offices that seek to inform the public about a public-health issue. Reading chapter 3 will be required BEFORE you meet with your group on 11/7. PROCESS
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Case Studies #2 -- Drug Safety - Biology 100 Case Studies...

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