Shorter Paper 2.1 -- Musical Genre Analysis

Shorter Paper 2.1 -- Musical Genre Analysis - Fifield 1...

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Fifield 1 Jennifer Fifield Professor Sarah Cohen English 131 6 November 2007 Music Genre Analysis -- Hip-Hop "I Used To Love H .E.R." by Common, from his album Ressurection , can be categorized in the music genre hip-hop . Hip-hop is a genre which includes not only rapping, but also a bit of attitude and a bit of musicality . Sometime in the 1970's, hip-hop was invented in New York City, and incorporated some rap with street-style dancing . In Common’s song, there are a few different types and classifications of hip-hop, including West Coast, East Coast, and Chicago hip-hop . While some mainstream hip-hop artists are Lupe Fiasco, The Black Eyed Peas, and Talib Kweli, some underground and less well-known artists include AZ & Cormega, Muneshine, and J Dilla . The setting of this song is mostly likely on the streets of Chicago since Common's hometown is Chicago . While a metaphor can be described as a figure of speech which compares two subjects with little or no relevance to each other, this song is a metaphor for his love for hip- hop, as he compares hip-hop music to his ex-lover . The participants of this song include not only Common himself, but also a girl he once loved, various other African-American males, and the audience . Common's purpose in composing and writing "I Used To Love H .E.R." is to
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Fifield 2 express his love to a girl in a past relationship; however, a deeper purpose to this song would be Common's description and definition to what hip-hop truly is . The content in Common's song is a lot more deeper than most songs in the hip-hop or rap genre . The evidence Common uses includes personal experience, observations, and stories . There are several thought-provoking ideas in this song . Common's choice to write a metaphorical song goes against the hip-hop genre in a way, especially since several songs from the hip-hop genre have little or no meaning whatsoever . Because of this, the majority of Common's songs have a very down-to-earth feel and personality, appealing more to the
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Shorter Paper 2.1 -- Musical Genre Analysis - Fifield 1...

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