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References  Maxwell, L. A. (2007). College rampage renews school safety concerns.  Education Week, 26 (34), 1,.  Retrieved from    Education Week, 24 (29), 1,10,12.  Retrieved from;  No  high school mental health professionals. (3), 157-165. Retrieved from;  No  Joiner, L. L. (2002). Life-saving lessons.
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Unformatted text preview: American School Board Journal, 189 (3), 14-18. Retrieved from No Cook, G. (2001). The media and the message. American School Board Journal, 188 (6), 16-22. Retrieved from No Rosenbluh, E. S. (2001). Police crisis intervention: A dilemma in the aftermath of columbine high school. Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations, 1 (1), 35-46. Retrieved from Johnson, K. (2000). Crisis response to schools. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, 2 (3), Fall [i.e. Retrieved from
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  • Columbine High School massacre, Columbine High School, American School, American School Board, School Board Journal

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