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1. Which statement about optimism/pessimism is FALSE? a. pessimists expect and accept failure as deserved b. optimism is a set of learned skills c. optimists have a greater sense of psychological well-being d. being an optimist or pessimist is an inherited trait 2. Which statement describes individuals who have an internal locus of control? a. They typically have a difficult time initiating behavior change b. They have a harder time reaching out to people. c. They seem to be happier people. d. They believe that what happens to them is a result of luck or chance. e. They think of themselves as powerless or vulnerable. 3. According to the class lecture, the negative short-term effects of high-risk alcohol consumption are called ____________ problems. a. Consumption b. Impairment c. Psychological d. Health 4. Which body organ is most affected during alcohol impairment?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Kidneys b. Pancreas c. Brain d. Heart 5. All of the following CVD risk factors are modifiable EXCEPT: a. Cholesterol levels b. Cigarette smoking c. Family history of CVD d. Physical inactivity 6. A desirable minimum level of HDL for adults is ________ mg/deciliter. a. 20 b. 40 c. 60 d. 80 e. 100 7. The ___________ is composed of specific glands, tissues and cells that control body functions by releasing hormones and chemical messengers into the bloodstream. a. Endocrine System b. Lymphatic System c. Nervous System d. Immune System 8. In the _________ stage of the General Adaptation Syndrome, the body develops a new level of homeostasis. a. Alarm b. Acceleration c. Resistance d. Exhaustion...
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test+2+sample+questions - a Kidneys b Pancreas c Brain d...

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