IAH - Glossary for the Final Exam

IAH - Glossary for the Final Exam - Glossary for the Final...

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Glossary for the Final Exam Synergy/Convergence: Large media companies own several types of media outlets (book publishing, radio stations, film studios). Thus, they can promote and deliver content across all of these outlets. Convergence can be technological (delivering content across multiple platforms) and economic (resources are shared among media outlets). Consolidation: The recent trend has been for a few large multinational media companies to buy up smaller outlets. Thus, through mergers and acquisitions media is increasingly consolidated in the hands of a few companies. Regulation: Many governments impose rules on the ownership, content and delivery of media. In the United States, the media is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Gatekeeper: Because media companies investigate and select the content to be delivered, they act as gatekeepers, deciding what we can see and hear. The Hays Code and the Production Code: Beginning in 1930, Hollywood studios agreed to regulate themselves in terms of violence and indecency in film. The Hays Code, also known as the Production Code, was a set of industry regulations that remained in force until 1967. It was replaced by the movie ratings system we know today. Media conglomerates: Time Warner, News Corp., Disney, General Electric, Bertelsmann, Functions of Media:
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IAH - Glossary for the Final Exam - Glossary for the Final...

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