Prepurchase - Decision Process: Prepurchase "Funnel...

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Decision Process: Prepurchase “Funnel Process” Need Recognition Search Process Final Selection Closing the Sale Post-purchase Evaluation * Start off broad Narrow down to make a choice * A firm needs to: (1) get inside the funnel (2) understand what happen in each part (3) How do we get customers to go from one part to another Need Recognition Recognize a need - Motivate Search for solution Bigger the discrepancy between these two, you will be motivated to start the search for a solution More about future & expectations How to increase sales? (Don’t use Price / Force to Purchase / Hurt long term relationship) Motivation not necessarily lead to purchase (need info) Highlight the differences between current / desired Attract sales by pictures, product quality, easy to use website
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Prepurchase - Decision Process: Prepurchase "Funnel...

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