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P150(2.2) - raises the question of what attitude it is...

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She also attempts to address the major criticism of Virtue ethics that provides no guidance in moral dilemmas-not by telling us how a virtuous person would act, but by showing how a virtuous person would think about a moral dilemma 3. Virtue Theory (Hursthouse) : the existence of women’s rights doesn’t settle all moral questions about abortion, for rights are not the whole of morality; likewise, worrying about the moral status of the fetus is not the best approach; instead, what is relevant is the fact that pregnancy and childrearing are immensely worthwhile activities, for this
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Unformatted text preview: raises the question of what attitude it is appropriate to take toward them; an inappropriate attitude is possible—more specifically, acts of abortion can sometimes manifest self-centeredness, callousness, and light-mindedness about life and parenthood, or a greedy and foolish attitude about what one can expect out of life (e.g. expecting too much by way of perfection, and thus waiting for an illusory perfect time to be pregnant)....
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