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Lesson 2 – (3)The Life Course Revolution In yearning for the golden past we imagine we have lost (e.g. 1950s – 1980s), we missed the free of stress of modern life. But we are unaware of what we have escaped (e.g. longevity – our ancestors usually died before 65 years old) Longevity/ low mortality/ death in middle age (infectious diseases) revolutions are 20 th century phenomenon These changes have great impact in family & marriage encourage stronger emotional bonds between parents & children, lengthened duration of marriage & parent-child relationships, made grandparenthood an expectable stage of life, more parents than children for couple & child –to-adult parent & children relationships, rare experience of death of a close relatives (no constant possibility of death & attended deathbed scenes), no. of orphans & no. of raises in institutions, by relatives, or in foster homes, etc. Psychological results of our escape
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