Book notes - Chapter 1 1. Communities 2. Communities and...

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Chapter 1 1. Communities Ecological community: the small fraction of the global collection of species that can be found at any particular place Community ecology: will include the study of patterns and processes involving at least two species at a particular location. Population ecology: includes predator-prey interactions and interspecific competition Guild: a collection of species that use similar resources in similar ways Taxocene: a set of taxonomically related species within a community Trophic levels: provide a way to recognize subsets of species within communities that acquire energy in similar ways (primary producers, herbivores, primary carnivores, and decomposers) Food chains/food webs: describe patterns of material and energy flow in communities Ecosystems: one or more communities, together with their abiotic surroundings, ignore details of population dynamics 2. Communities and their members Physically defined communities: assemblages of species found in a particular place or habitat Biomes: basic categories of communities that differ in their physical environments and in the lifestyles of their dominant organisms Taxonomically defined communities: recognized by the presence of one or more conspicuous species that either dominate through biomass or contribute importantly to the physical attributes Statistically defined communities: sets of species whose abundances are significantly correlated over space or time Interactively defined communities: subsets of species in a place or habitat whose interactions significantly influence their abundances 3. Community properties Species richness: a number that characterizes a biological
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Book notes - Chapter 1 1. Communities 2. Communities and...

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