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Anthro essay 2 - Derrick Monks Origins of Ancient...

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Derrick Monks Origins of Ancient Civilization 3/3/08 Essay # 2 Anthropologists have been trying to summarize the rise of civilization for a long time and as of lately they have come to the conclusion that it is caused by many reasons. In the past the growth into civilization was thought to be an effect of many different things, agriculture, warfare, environmental limits, the need to be less savage, etc. Now we know that all of these reasons worked together to advance societies into civilizations. By looking at Uruk we can see what advancements in many separate ways, whether it be ideas or material, lead to. The first, and as I see it, the most important advancement that led to the rise of the Uruk state was the development of advanced agriculture. Located in between the Tigris and Euphrates, a place where it can be completely arid in the dry season and flooded in the wet season, the need for irrigation was essential. In the time preceding Uruk, people had to come together to build these irrigation systems, this organization would have led to more complex systems of controlling and bringing people together to advance the society. The organization created the possibility of a city as large as Uruk because to
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Anthro essay 2 - Derrick Monks Origins of Ancient...

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