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General_Psychology_Examination_III - emotion James-Lange...

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General Psychology Examination III Review Sheet Chapter 8 Intelligence Developmental delay Mental retardation Giftedness Genius Down syndrome IQ – equation to calculate IQ Binet Terman Sternberg Triarchic theory of intelligence Reliability vs. validity Weschler intelligence tests (subscales) Norms Deviation scores Culture-fair vs. culture-biased tests Heredity of intelligence Chapter 9 Motivation Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation Incentive Instinct approaches Drive-reduction theory Homeostasis Need for achievement, affiliation, power Sensation seekers Maslow’s hierarchy Self-actualization Peak experiences Criticisms of the hierarchy Obesity Leptin Insulin Bulimia vs. anorexia Emotion Area of the brain responsible for
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Unformatted text preview: emotion James-Lange theory of emotion Cannon-Bard theory Schacter and Singer’s theory of emotion Facial feedback hypothesis Chapter 10 Sex vs. Gender Stereotype Sexism Benevolent sexism Masculinity Femininity Androgyny Hermaphroditism Intersex Gender Identity Disorder Masters and Johnson Four phases of sexual response Kinsey Kinsey’s research regarding homosexuality Janus report Paraphilia Frotteurism Voyeurism Exhibitionism Fetishism Sadism Masochism Chapter 11 Stress Distress Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Hassles vs. catastrophes and stress Psychoneuroimmunology Type A personality and coping with stress...
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