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Ch 12 Study Guide Know the following: What is race? What is ethnicity? What are the differences? From the movie, what was one of the earliest ways of determining race? What is a minority group? Do numbers matter? How does a group become a minority? What are some characteristics that minority groups share? Four factors that heighten/reduce people’s sense of ethnic identity? Ethnic work? Prejudice versus discrimination? Two types of discrimination (Explain)?? Two theories/explanations for prejudices (scapegoating versus authoritarian personalities—Explain) How does a symbolic integrationists examine prejudice and
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Unformatted text preview: discrimination? What do they think causes each? Know the six patterns of intergroup relations between dominant and minority groups. What is a WASP? What has replaced race in determining the quality of life for African Americans? It is arguable but, why might one say that Asians are/have been discriminated against less when compared to African Americans? Why might we refer to Native Americans as the “indivisible minority”? Name the major relocation of Native Americans mentioned in your text and in the movie? Explain?...
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