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Home Work #5 Chapter 7 8. Explain how convection contributes to the shape of a candle flame. The flame goes up because the hot air rises do to convection. 10. It’s often a good idea to wrap food in aluminum foil before baking it near the red-hot heating element of an electric oven. Why does this wrapped food cook more evenly? If we cover the food with aluminum paper it protects the food from coming in direct contact with the heat and burning in a certain point, the heat is dispersed thanks to convection and it is cooked evener. 16. On a bitter cold day, the snow is light and powdery. This snow doesn’t begin melting immediately when you bring it into a warm room. Why? The temperature of the snow remains the same for a certain period of time until it begins to absorb some of the heat and then it will start melting. 22. Why does a pot of water heat up and begin boiling more quickly if you cover it?
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Unformatted text preview: The pot heats up quicker with the lid on because we are keeping the moisture inside thus helping stop net evaporation. 24. If you try to cook vegetables in 100 ºC air, it takes a long time. But, if you cook those same vegetables in 100 ºC steam, they cook quickly. Why does the steam transfer so much more heat to the vegetables? Heat is transferred much quicker because of the condensing steam. The amount of heat released by the steam is very large and cooks in very fast times. 26. You’re floating outside the space station when your fellow astronaut tosses you a cold bottle of mineral water. It’s outside your space suit but you open it anyway. It immediately begins to boil. Why? The water will begin to boil because there is no atmospheric pressure in space. The bubbles will begin to expand thanks to evaporation....
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