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HOW DO I STUDY FOR THE CHEM 115 LAB FINAL EXAM? Suggestions: 1. Reread ALL labs (including safety rules) and redo ALL calculations. 2. Answer ALL pre-laboratory and post-laboratory questions whether or not the questions were assigned as laboratory homework. 3. Review any lecture material pertinent to the labs such as: a. Solubility Rules, Net Ionic Eqns. and Predicting Products of a Rxn (Exp #3 & 11) b. Stoichiometry (specifically mass/mass problems) (Exp #4 & 5)
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Unformatted text preview: c. Significant figures and exponential numbers (Exp #2 and Appendices A & B) d. Lewis Structures, VSEPR Theory, Molecular Shapes and Polarity (Exp #10) e. Molecular Weight from Ideal Gas Equation (Exp # 6) f. Calorimetry (Exp 3 8) g. Non-metal Activity Series and Simple Redox Reactions (Exp # 11) h. Titrations and Normality (Exp # 7) i. Hardness of Water (Exp # 9)...
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