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Quiz 4 Practice

Quiz 4 Practice - OH HO O H 3 Circle the reaction with...

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CHEM 233 Spring 2008 Practice Quiz #4 March 31 st , 2008 1) Provide the major products from the following reactions. (6 points) Me Br E2 Me Br E2 Me Br KI Me Br KOt-Bu Br Br Me Br KOH KNH 2 2) Provide the name for the following structures (6 points).
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Unformatted text preview: OH HO O H 3) Circle the reaction with higher rate in each of the following pair reactions. (3 points) +-Ot-Bu 1) t-BuOH + HCl t-BuOH + N a O H 2) Br +-Ot-Bu Br 3) I +-Ot-Bu Br + DBU...
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